Vintage Silvertone 9316 (Limed Oak) Tube Amplifier (late 1950’s-1960’s)


Vintage Silvertone 9316 (Limed Oak) Tube Amplifier (late 1950’s-1960’s) 1/4″ Jack Installed

Very cool old tube amp we have here! These Silvertone amps were designed as simple tube amps to be used as a little mono sound system. As the usefulness of such a piece declined people began modifying these by adding a 1/4″ jack to allow it to be used as an electric guitar amp. This one has had this modification done and works very nicely as a small tube guitar amp. If you crank the bass, treble and “loudness” you can even get a nice amount of breakup for a pleasing overdrive or distorted sound.

This is the 9316 model in “Limed Oak” which seems to be less common than the 9315 which is a mahogany cabinet. For its age it is in very good shape. There is some cosmetic wear and tear but nothing that indicates misuse or abuse.  Other than the addition of the 1/4″ jack it seems to be all original.

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 18 × 14 in