Van Halen 5150 Electric Guitar (copy – project build)


Van Halen 5150 Electric Guitar (project build)

This appears to be a home brewed replica or copy of Eddie Van Halen’s famous Kramer “5150” striped guitar. It’s well put together and a pretty faithful reproduction of the original. I’m not sure what type of body it is but it appears to be a nice and solid piece of wood. The neck has the old Kramer hockey stick/banana headstock. The pickup is an agressive humbucker mounted right into the body. The bridge is a rear-loading Floyd Rose licensed bridge. The bridge rests flat on the body, as there is no carving out as you usually find with FR bridges. The body is also routed only to fit a single volume control. There is a shim between the body and neck in the neck pocket to get the action down. It seems to be a solid build as it plays great and sounds nice. The paint job leaves a textured finish where the stripes are which I believe would be something you would notice on Ed’s own “5150”.

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Weight 21 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 19 × 9 in