Sterling SUB MusicMan Ernie Ball Axis AX4 Blue Quilt (EVH-Style)


STERLING SUB Axis 4 AX4 Electric Guitar by MusicMan/Ernie Ball
The Sterling SUB Axis 4 we have here is a sweet playing guitar with lots of available tones and the looks of a high end guitar. The Axis is basically an import version of the “EVH-style” guitar. The first thing you notice about this guitar when holding it is the neck profile. Right off it feels very comfortable. It has a thin width with a compound profile which optimizes how it plays on both the bass and treble sides of the neck. The pickups have a nice tone which is capable of great distorted or clean sounds. The 5-way selector give you a really wide variety of heavy and rich humbucker sounds as well as sweeter single coil tones. The photo-finished quilted figuring is a nice touch that gives it the appearance of a much more expensive instrument.

There is very little wear on this guitar. The two things worth noting are one of the fine tuners has been replaces and it chrome instead of black. The other is that vibrato bar has a matte finish which is different than the shiny chrome on the rest of the bridge.

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