Nishika N8000 35 mm Quadrascopic Stereo 3D Lenticular Camera


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Nishika N8000 35 mm Quadrascopic Stereo 3D Lenticular Camera (USED)

This is a used camera. This N8000 is in great shape but it should be noted it is built of lightweight plastic. It’s not like a lot of the older 35mm cameras that are built like tanks. It does seem to be well made though. Included with the camera is a cover and a flash.

Long considered the ugly duckling of the consumer lenticular cameras, the Nishika is now in high regard as the most versatile of the breed, because the camera features three aperature settings, unlike other lenticular cameras, which are only point and shoot cameras. And now as technology is making personal lenticular print making possible and affordable, there is a rush to get a camera or two before the price of a lenticular camera catches up with this new demand. FEATURES: * Exclusive quadra lens system incorporates four precision-matched lenses to produce 3D prints that rival other 3 lens lenticular cameras. * Uses standard 35mm color print film – ISO/ASA 200 for outdoors or 1600 for indoors. * Built-in protective lens cover. * Ergonomic design fits comfortably in your hands. * Rotary film advance. * Film counter. * Standard flash shoe * Easy to use variable aperture for optimal exposure control. * Film identification window. * Very light weight compact design for maximum portability.

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