Malekko Sneak Attack Analog VCA Guitar Effects Pedal Swell Tremolo


Malekko Sneak Attack Analog VCA Guitar Effects Pedal Swell Tremolo

Malekko makes truly inspiring pedals and the Sneak Attack is no exception. Basically it’s a VCA that allows you to trigger it or control it in different ways. You can shape the waveform yourself using the attack and decay controls then allow the guitar signal to trigger it or let the LFO do it. So, its a great pedal for doing automatic volume swells triggered by the guitar input or a companion pedal (sold separately) or a tremolo pedal when used with the LFO on board. The tempo can be set with a click, or by tap tempo.

The Sneak Attack packs a lot of options in a small pedal. Check out the video to get an idea of all it can do. This pedal is well built and in great shape. Bought as a B-Stock item and messed around with it but never gigged with. Included with it are the original box and manual that I printed out.

Sneak Attack is an auto-swell volume pedal that can also be manually triggered or used in a tremolo mode. The core of the pedal is an Attack/Decay envelope generator with separate length and curve controls for both the attack and decay segments. The envelope can be triggered or cycled in several ways using the input signal, built in footswitch, Malekko Lil’ Buddy footswitch or external clock/click track.

Malekko Sneak Attack Attack/Decay and Tremolo Features:

  • Single Trigger Modes as well as Cycling (LFO) Modes
  • Auto trigger using input signal threshold
  • Manual trigger using built in footswitch in manual trigger mode (Attack only)
  • Manual trigger using Lil’ Buddy external footswitch requires TRS (stereo) 1/4″ cable
  • Manual trigger using external click track
  • Built in LFO mode cycles the A/D envelope
  • Tap tempo LFO using Lil’ Buddy external footswitch
  • Tap tempo LFO using external click track

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