Kalamazoo KG-10 acoustic guitar (by Gibson similar to B-15 or LG-0) mahogany


Kalamazoo KG-10 model acoustic guitar (Made in USA by Gibson similar to B-15 or LG-0) circa 1960’s

This is a fine USA-made acoustic guitar. In the 1960’s Gibson used the Kalamazoo brand to produce high quality student guitars. Unlike the student level instruments we see today, these were solid wood instruments that play great and sound sweet. The KG-10 is a small bodied acoustic with all mahogany construction. Very similar in design to Gibson’s B-15 and LG-0 models.

This guitar plays very comfortably and sounds very nice. The small body has a sound that is great for fingerstyle playing or with a pick to get some real bark. A great guitar for playing old blues or folk music on. There is more midrange and top end to these so they project in a different way than the boomy dreadnoughts and jumbos.

This guitar is in really good shape considering its age. There is some lacquer checking and a few very minor dings and scratches. Structurally, nothing seems to be loose or compromised in any way either.

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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 46 × 19 × 8 in