DOD FX70 Stereo Flanger pedal


DOD FX70 Stereo Flanger pedal

This is one of those 80’s DOD, USA Made pedals that were everywhere back then. The silver STEREO FLANGER, FX70. The output jack is stereo so you’ll need a TRS cable or some type of adapter to get the full stereo effect going on. Even in regular mono it’s a cool sounding, effective flanger. The controls are pretty minimal. You can adjust the speed and the regeneration (or “feedback” on other units) to adjust how metallic you want the sound. The sound to me is a bit warmer than most but not quite as synthy as an Electric Mistress or those earlier units.

This one has seen some stomping. There is a bit or cosmetic wear on this one and the battery cover if missing like many of these pedals on the used market. I want to note too that the 9V power jack is not the typical “Boss-style”, it uses a male mini-phono connector.

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